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Adorable Crochet Amigurumi Chihuahua Dog

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For all the chihuahua lovers out there, we have got the perfect present for you. A cute handmade chihuahua dog that you can keep in your bag or carry with you anywhere you want. Beautify your room and flaunt your love for the dog or carry it while traveling so that you don’t miss the dog no matter where you are. 

This dog is made from crochet with fine detailing. This cute little dog is entirely made up of off-white crochet for a real-life like feel. Brown crochet with black plastic orbs makes the eyes of the dog and black crochet make up the cute little nose and mouth of this dog.  

This cute little amigurumi chihuahua dog is crafted with the utmost care and hard work. Intricate details add definition to this cute little dog and make it more lovable. It is crafted taking into consideration the minutest details, from the adorable feet to a cute little tail, all parts exhibit the finesse that goes into the making of this crochet chihuahua dog. All the parts have been carefully crocheted, sewn and attached by hand for a perfect look.

Some of the most outstanding features of this handmade crochet amigurumi Chihuahua dog are listed below:

  • It is soft and fluffy
  • It is light in weight which makes it easy to carry around.
  • Its tiny size and patterned design make it even more adorable.
  • Easy to handle and no sharp or pointy edges to provide complete safety.

You will be unable to resist the cuteness of this little dog and will instantly fall in love with it. You can keep it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones as a memento. This cute amigurumi can be gifted on any occasion be it birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, the receiver will be more than just happy and will surely love the gift. Get this lovable handmade dog now and proudly exhibit your love for chihuahuas.